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Make a difference like Maggie

Maggie was passionate about helping, and she loved coming up with ideas to promote music therapy. Your contribution helps her vision come to life.

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Maggie Brunson was a bright light in the lives of anyone who knew her. Endlessly sweet and sincere, she was an outgoing, caring, and passionate young girl who was bound to have a huge impact on the world- and she did.

From speaking at public hearings, to advocating for Williams Syndrome Awareness, to her position as a Junior Board Member for Key Changes, Maggie was a force. She brought ideas and the perfect amount of levity to any difficult discussion.

Months before COVID, Maggie helped Key Changes to organize it's first ever chili cook off event to raise money to support music therapy services for children in families that could not afford them. A face painting artist was there, and mostly children were getting their faces painted. Maggie, in her wonderful personable self, encouraged adults to get their faces painted as well. Pretty quickly, adults and children alike were sporting colorful creations.

That was who Maggie was. She was a young lady with an incredible knack for bringing people together, showing their best selves, and supporting one another in the process. By giving in her memory, you help Key Change to continue to bring music, light, and togetherness to children in the midlands who, like Maggie, have different needs.